Hajj Series - Obligation of Hajj

This is the first in a series on Hajj, with the main lessons on the rules and regulations and expanding on other dimensions of Hajj and Umrah. To see the other videos in the series, checkout the YouTube channel

Lecture: Escape to Allah (23/12/2018)

In this lecture, Dr Omer El-Hamdoon expands on the four elements in the Quranic Command: "Escape to Allah".

Talk: Practising Islam: A Path to Buidling Britiain

This is one of several talks I delivered to demonstrate that religion is actually beneficial for British Society

Talk: In the Footsteps of Giants (YouTube videos)

Here I speak about those great giants of Islam who set great standards, one of the lectures I deliver and a recorded video found as part of many in youtube videos.

My Speech at Our Mosques Conference

Check out this video, which I summarise the "Our Mosques Our Future" MCB Conference.

Media Interview at Channel 5

I have carried many media interviews, this is one of them; and more can be found online.

Khutbah: The Blessings of Allah

I have delivered many Friday sermons over the years, some have been captured on video. This is one of them at Feltham HIRA Association.