Garden of the aware - Lesson one

01 Bustān Al-Arifīn

In this first lesson, Sheikh Omer introduces the biography of Imam al-Nawawi and runs through the Imam's preface to his book: Bustan al-'Arifin

Garden of the aware - Lesson two

01 Bustān Al-Arifīn

In the second lesson, Shaykh Omer El-Hamdoon discusses aspects of the chapter which is focusing on the famous hadith: Actions are but by intentions; and the beautiful lessons to learn from it, as presented by Imam al-Nawawi.

Garden of the Aware - Lesson Three

03Bustān al-‘Ārifīn

In this lesson, Imam Omer describes more quotes from the people of the past in relation to ikhlas / sincerity; as going through the book of Bustān al-‘Ārifīn for Imam al-Nawawi.