Prepare for the Future - 27/12/2019

In this Friday Khutbah, Shaykh Omer El-Hamdoon talks about the importance of planning for 2020; and he discusses the different aspects that one should try to plan for, from a Muslim's perspective.

Initiate actions - 6/12/2019

Do the works before the Obstacles befall you

In this Friday Sermon, Dr El-Hamdoon talks about the obstacles which may arise in front of a person which prevent him from doing good deeds. One should pay attention to these obstacles and heed the message to initiate actions before it is too late.

Injuring Brotherhood - 15/11/2019

How to preserve brotherhood

Imam Omer dwells on the practice which injure brotherhood, and why we diversity is an aid, not a hindrance.

10 Reasons why NOT to judge Others - 4/10/2019

It is not our place to judge others. That is for Allah. In this delightful sermon, Shaykh Omer gives ten reasons why NOT to judge others.

The Prophet's Hijrah - 30/08/2019

Summary of the greatest migration in history

In this khutbah / sermon, Sheikh Omer El-Hamdoon summarises the story of the Hijrah (migration) of the Prophet, peace be upon him. 

Connectivity of Hajj - 2/8/2019

Linking with time, place and beings

Imam Omer El-Hamdoon delivers a khutbah at Greenwich Islamic Centre on how Hajj connects individuals in time, place and historic and current figures.

Passing on Optimism To Our Children

Khutbah - 22/2/2019

In this delightful sermon, Shaykh Omer El-Hamdoon shares some life stories which teach optimism to our children, whom are entrusted to us by God Almighty.

Seeking Knowledge - 26/10/2018 (Khutbah)

Omer explores the importance of seeking knowledge from an Islamic perspective

Recount the Days of Allah - 12/10/2018 Audio Lectures

Listen to this Friday Khutbah which invites to take a positive outlook on life, as described by Islam. And a novel look at the meaning of the Blessing that is: Allah. Search for more audio lectures on this page.

Why Does Difference Exist? - Part One 28/9/2018 (Khutbah)

In this two part audio, Sheikh Omer El-Hamdoon describes how different opinions in the deen arise; and how it is important to understand this reality.

Why Does Difference Exist? - Part Two 5/10/2018 (Khutbah)

Story Of Hatim Al-Asamm 24/11/2017 (Khutbah)

Dr Omer narrates the story of Hatim and his daughter; and how she displayed deep faith in Allah and His ability to provide. An enjoyable story with lots of embedded lessons.

What Do You Want? 8/9/2017 (Khutbah)

In this Khutbah, Sheikh Omer explores the verse in which Allah divides humankind into two categories according to what they want. Listen to find out more...

A Good Word is Like a Good Tree

The beautiful similitude as expressed by the Quran is the topic of this Khutbah in which Sheikh Omer explores the wider meanings of this verse. Listen to find out more...

Message of Hope and Participation - 25/11/2011 (Khutbah)

In this sermon, Sheikh Omer El-Hamdoon talks about how Islam inspires hope and invites to Participation in society. He draws on examples from the life of the Prophets Muhammad, Yusuf, Musa and others; and gives examples of how people partook in society.

You Are on a great moral Ground 28/12/2010 (study circle)

In this class, Sheikh Omer describes the qualities of the Prophet (saws) and his high morals and beautiful code of conduct.

The leadership Challenge

Talk - 2/4/2016

In 2016, Dr Omer delivers an inspirational talk to young students at a youth camp in Scotland. He presents to them: The Leadership Challenge".